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About Aqua Pro-Tech Laboratories

Aqua Pro-Tech Laboratories (APL) has provided uncompromised accuracy in environmental testing for over 35 years. The company tests drinking water, soil, wastewater, sludge, and solids with clients including consulting engineers, industry, government, and the public.

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ABC-TV Interview
ABC-TV Interview
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Originally certified by the NJ Department of Health before the existence of the Department of Environmental Protection, APL is now the most highly certified lab in the state, and our

NELAP/TNI certification is honored by state agencies recognized by TNI as Accreditation Bodies. Links to our certifying authorities are displayed below. APL’s full service laboratory is directly adjacent to US Route 46, providing easy access to all major highways.

Our Field Service Technicians are in constant contact with our Client Service Representatives, making pick ups and deliveries available on short notice from 7 AM to 5 PM.

Onsite Testing

APL’s 20,000 square foot facility was constructed from the ground up to meet strict air quality specifications. This affords us clean blanks and eliminates cross-contamination. Three limited-access clean rooms, one each for drinking water, soil, and wastewater preclude, cross-matrix contamination in volatile organics testing, our most sensitive and demanding analysis.

APL excels in electronic data production. Our staff can create electronic data deliverables (EDDs) to satisfy your requirements. Our web site’s Results Retrieval System allows for real time access to analytical results. Users can display and print a summary of sample results compared to their limits, with exceedences conspicuously highlighted. Additionally, complete NJDEP Full or Reduced Deliverable packages can be downloaded.